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Specialist Feeds


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Flower & Fruit Feed 500g

Vitax Flower & Fruit Feed 500g

Vitafeed Flower and Fruit Feed is soluble and perfect for gardeners looking for stronger plants and brighter flowers.
Orchid Bloom Feed 500ml

Vitax Orchid Bloom Feed 500ml

Orchid Bloom Feed for healthy growth and beautiful flowers.
Clay Breaker 2.5kg

Vitax Clay Breaker 2.5kg

Clay Breaker will break up the heaviest of soil, making it easier to work.
Liquid Rose Food 1 litre

Vitax Liquid Rose Food 1 litre

Organic Liquid Rose Feed contains natural plant extracts and mineral nutrients, is high in potash to help improve flowering.
Tomato Feed 1 litre

Vitax Tomato Feed 1 litre

Liquid Tomato feed has been formulated to produce bumper crops of juicy tomatoes.
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